About me

Who is Taken images?
I had worked long and hard in a full-time career whilst building Taken images to a point where I could turn professional.

This was achieved in 2007.

The company then continued to grow and other photographers were employed on a commission basis to satisfy the demands of our clients.

Unfortunately, I then realised that I was no longer a photographer. Instead I was the administrative assistant, marketing team, sales team, accounts department, tea boy and driver.

In 2012 I decided to reorganise Taken images and it was once again a small Photography Agency with fewer clients and I was a photographer, again. I was much happier and our clients received a personal service rather than a corporate one. There were three other photographers who helped with commissions from time to time.

In late 2015 I again realised that things had expanded to a point where I was no longer taking photographs. I was spending hours in meetings just to give the fun of the photography commission to someone else. In January 2016 I decided that enough was enough and gave warning to all clients and members of Taken images that the agency would be closing.

On 1st May 2016 Taken images became my commercial venture as the sole photographer for the company - except for Travel Photography then Mrs Gray will assist as she is an outstanding photographer having exhibited her work nationally in the UK. It always helps me to have an assistant when working abroad, even if it's just to make sure I'm fed properly.

Taken images is based near Peterborough in the East Midlands, allegedly less than an hour from London and Birmingham, and a little over two hours from York.

Christie Gray
Photographer, Founder and Owner of Taken images



The first of the Namibian Wildlife images have been uploaded to the Natural History Galleries and as time passes more will appear.

Next month additional Travel images will be added, though not from the UK.

Christie Gray