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We have travelled the world and have the experience to provide you with the images you require.
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Travel Photography

My wife and I have been commissioned to provide images from a number of locations overseas. We are a very well travelled and experienced team of photographers willing to go to the furthest corners of the globe to provide the images our clients require.

Between us we have travelled around the world four times and photographed the places some people have only dreamed of after seeing a travel show.

We have had commissions for images from every continent, except Antarctica and Australasia.

There is no destination that holds a natural fear for us, given that we have worked on glaciers and in most major deserts.

We are obviously cautious when asked about visiting areas where there is some concern owing to unrest, both overtly armed and terrorist in nature.

Fees vary dependent upon the duration of the commission, the location and the subject matter.

PLEASE NOTE: New destinations and dates of travel are posted on the NEWS PAGE. Please contact us before we travel if you would like us to complete a commission whilst overseas.

Please use the link below for any questions you may have about commissions for Travel Photography.

Travel Contact link to send me an email.